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Waterpillar is right at home in salt water or fresh water, and can handle rough ocean surf or glassy lakes. All materials are corrosion resistant. The wheels are molded from high-density polyethylene plastic, as are the guide wheel covers and cowlings. The sturdy frame is constructed with anodized aluminum tubing, stainless steel and Delrin® fasteners. It’s powered by a rugged belt drive, and is designed to be taken places no other pedaled watercraft can go!

One or two adults and children over the age of eight can easily ride the Waterpillar. Each rider has a set of pedals, yet it is as easily operated by one person as by two. One person does the steering by operating hand levers to independently engage or disengage each wheel, allowing the Waterpillar to “turn on a dime”. With 7’ diameter wheels and a width of 8’, the Waterpillar is stable in almost any aquatic environment.

 7' 0" 
 7' 0" 
 8' 2" 
 Approximately 375 lbs. 
 Wheel Segment Colors* 
 Blue and Yellow 

* Wheel segments can be manufactured to your color specifications.
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